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Debunking the Frivolous and Dangerous Last-Gasp Effort to Overturn the Election

How an Angry Cheerleader Could Help Cancel Cancel Culture

The Church Needs Prophets, But It Wants Lawyers

A Christmas Wish for America—Chill the Heck Out

Why Do They Hate Us?

The Dangerous Idolatry of Christian Trumpism

The Case Against Xavier Becerra

The Kraken Is Lackin’

The Crisis of Christian Celebrity

When Delusions Become Dangerous

Hillbilly Agony

When the Center Was Shaky, the System Held

‘America, Nobody Can Serve God and the Military’

Let’s Talk About Fear

Signs of Hope in the Fight Against the Radical Woke

A Conversation With Dr. Russell Moore

The Cultural Consequences of Very, Very Republican Christianity

The Post-Election Contest: A Condensed Symbol of GOP Dysfunction

May God Bless President Biden

The Presidential Election Was Legitimate. Conspiracies Are Not.

We Should Have Known

How We Heal

To Discern Our Post-Election Destiny, Look to Our Hearts, Not Our Charts

The Curse of ‘Pandemic Law’ Strikes the Electoral Process

A Christian Leader Reminds Believers of the Power of Character

The Most Important Court Case You’ve Never Heard Of

The Hunter Biden Story: A Microcosm of Our Miserable Times

The Spiritual Blessing of Political Homelessness

My Conversation With Ron Howard and J.D. Vance

Amy Coney Barrett and the Obamacare Debacle, Explained

A D.C. Church Shows How to Fight for Religious Freedom

The Perils of Pro-Life Partisanship

Forecasting an Amy Coney Barrett Court

Praying for a Reckless President

The Debate Showed the Truth: Trumpism Is Bullyism

Should Americans Worry About Amy Coney Barrett and 'People of Praise'?

The Awful Realities of the Breonna Taylor Case

Resumed, the SCOTUS Wars Have

Yes, America Could Split Apart

It’s Time for ‘Pandemic Law’ to End

American History and the Battle Between 1619 and 1776

On the Use and Abuse of Critical Race Theory in American Christianity

This Is What We Mean When We Say ‘Character Is Destiny’

Why Is So Much Diversity Training Radical and Weird?

Christians, Gun Rights, and the American Social Compact

Why Is It So Hard to Stop Urban Riots?

Who Needs a Platform When You Have Negative Partisanship?

Do Pro-Lifers Who Reject Trump Have ‘Blood on their Hands’?

How Much of the Right Is a Financial Scam?

The Senate Intelligence Committee Debunks Both Russia Hoaxes

The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

New George Floyd Footage Makes Conviction More Likely

A Tale of Two Rap Songs

The Decline and Fall of Jerry Falwell

Supreme Court Precedent Killed Breonna Taylor

We Have Met the Enemies of Free Speech, and They Are Us

Remembering John Lewis, and the Political Theology that Changed a Nation

Trump’s Mistaken Force Reduction in Germany, Explained

Another Salvo in the ‘Burn It Down’ Wars

A Eulogy for a Friend, a Lament for our Nation

Dump Trump, but Don’t Burn Down the GOP

The Crisis in Portland and the Question of Competence

Coronavirus, Conspiracy Theories, and the Ninth Commandment

Elba or St. Helena? The Future of NeverTrump.

When Cruelty Wins

The Case for Religious Liberty Is More Compelling than the Case for Christian Power

The Week When Liberalism Fought Back

Make Federalism Great Again

America Is in the Grips of a Fundamentalist Revival

The Supreme Court Is Sowing Abortion Chaos

Against the Privileged, Deceptive Distraction of Anti-Racist Cancel Culture

I’m Not Hateful, You Are

The Decline of American Democracy Is Partly My Fault

The True Extent of Religious Liberty in America, Explained

Understanding the Trump DACA Defeat

A Conservative Legal Chernobyl?

God Save America from Fearful Christians

The Wokening vs. the Trumpening

Police Reform and the Rise of Bill of Rights Republicans

American Racism: We’ve Got So Very Far to Go

Never Use the Military to Trigger the Libs

The Promise (and Peril) of Using the Military to Stop American Riots

The Center Is Not Holding

The Case of Donald Trump vs. Twitter

A Day of Grief in a Season of Grief

Fact and Fiction About Racism and the Rise of the Religious Right

What If the Plane Isn’t Crashing, and You Charge the Cockpit Anyway?

Say What You Really Mean

Two Cheers for ‘Weird Christianity’

What in the World Is Happening With Michael Flynn?

Political Pressure Bursts Institutional Pipes

The Gospel of Life Is Clear: Virtuous Ends Do Not Justify Vicious Means

Betsy DeVos Strikes a Blow for Due Process

Buckle Up, SCOTUS Is Wading Deep Into the Culture War

What if We Loved Them Both?

No, Michael Flynn Isn’t ‘Exonerated’

As Tara Reade’s Evidence Against Joe Biden Builds, All the Chickens Come Home to Roost

There’s a Question My Confederate Ancestors Taught Me To Ask

I Sold My Soul to ‘Conservatism Inc.’ for a Tasty Martini

The State Does Not Love Your Child

Evangelicals Have Abandoned the Character Test. The Competence Test is Next.

Media Criticism Is Often Cheap and Lazy. Here's Why.

A Shaky Case Against Joe Biden; A Strong Case Against the Media

From Life to Death, from Death to Life

It’s a False Choice to Pit Public Health vs. Economic Health

The Capt. Crozier Controversy: This Is What Dysfunction Looks Like

Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Against Christian Authoritarianism

When Bad Facts Make Something Worse than Bad Law

How An Evil Virus Points to the Crushing Weight of the Fall

The Road to Recovery Isn’t Paved With the Bodies of America’s Seniors

Donald Trump Cannot 'Open Up' America

Coronavirus, Courage, and the Second Temptation of Christ

Grandpa, What Did You Do During the Great Quarantine?

Coronavirus and the Fog of War

Coronavirus and Our Sacred Duty to Senior Citizens

Competence Is a Character Trait

Coronavirus: When a High-Trust Response Is Required in a Low-Trust Time

Mike Pence, a Picture, a Prayer, and a Healthy Dose of Perspective

The Libertarian Path of Conservative Influence

When a $60 Trillion Dream Dies

A Different Way to Do Faith in the Public Square

Is the Worst of the Sexual Revolution Over?

The Supreme Court Takes a Vitally Important Religious Freedom Case

The Church’s Real Political Correctness Problem

The Legal Promise and Sobering Reality of the Fight for Free Speech on Campus

How, Then, Should Christians Vote?

Is there a Stone Jury Scandal? Not So Fast ...

Bernie Sanders’s Abortion Comments and the Unnecessary Intolerance of the Culture War

Will Somebody Please Hate My Enemies for Me?

If the President Is Going to Be So Powerful, Can We Ask He Also Be Good?

Make America Competent Again

Satanic Pregnancies, Explained

The Negative Precedent of Trump’s Exoneration

There Is Always a Reason to Be Mad

Sunday Morning With Kanye

James Madison Disagrees with the Wall Street Journal

Here’s the Legitimate Question that Should Dominate the Impeachment Trial

‘And No One Will Make Them Afraid’

New Evidence Reaffirms: Donald Trump Fails the Fitness Test

Bernie Sanders Will Never Get the Revolution He Wants

‘It Is Not Good That the Man Should Be Alone’

How Does Trump’s Battle Won Fit Within the 40-Year Struggle With Iran?

The News from the Middle East May Not Be What It Seems

The Sad, Necessary Division of the United Methodist Church

There Are No Good Answers in the Middle East